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Motorcycle Licence Fee Structure – Ontario

Getting a motorcycle license

In order to get a motorcycle license in the Province of Ontario, one has to go through the Graduated Licensing System. This system consists of three classes: M1, M2 & M.

  M1 M2 M
  No Alcohol 0% Alcohol Alcohol less than 0.05%
  No 400 Series HWY1    
  No passengers    
  No night riding2    
MTO $15 (Written Test) $45 $75
MSC $15.50 (Written Test) $450* $385*
  Minimum 60 days Minimum 22 months N/A
  Maximum 90 days Maximum 60 months N/A
  Minimum 60 days Minimum 18 months N/A
  Maximum 90 days Maximum 60 months N/A


  • Test for M1 can only be taken at the Drivetest Centre
  • M2 Motorcycle Safety course can be taken once M1 is obtained, however student must wait the mandatory 60 days before bringing the paperwork to the ministry to obtain an M2 license
  • Minimum –The shortest time a rider must hold class before going to next class
  • Maximum – The longest time a rider can hold class before expiration. If expiration occurs rider must begin at M1 again
  1. No highways with speeds in excess of 80 KM/h, unless that is the only route
  2. ½ hour before sunrise and ½ hour after sunset

MTO – Ontario Ministry of Transportation

MSC – Motorcycle Safety Course



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How do properly adjusted mirrors help the motorcyclist?

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When a driver has an M2, or M license, and is about to carry a passenger, what instructions should the driver give the passenger before attempting to drive?

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How does cold weather affect motorcycles?

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Upshifting or downshifting on a curve:

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What tire track or blocking position should a motorcyclist use when turning right in a wide lane?