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Is it permissible to carry passengers with an M1 license?

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What is the minimum depth of the tire tread recommended for motorcycle tires?

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What does a motorcyclist need to know when carrying a passenger?

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What are the 3 steps to driving over objects safely?

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Which of the following is required for registering or renewing the registration of a motorcycle?

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When changing the colour of a motorcycle, what is the motorcyclist required to do?

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If visibility is becoming increasingly poor due to foggy conditions, motorcyclists should:

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Which documents must be carried at all times when driving a motorcycle?

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What is the role played by road race or clamp-on handlebars?

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How does cold weather affect motorcycles?

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When making modifications to a motorcycle what must the motorcyclist first ensure?

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Upon approaching a stop sign, what does the law require motorcyclists to do before entering the intersection?

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Which mirrors give drivers the impression that objects are farther away than they actually are?

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If a motorcyclist completes a safety course at the M2 level, how is the waiting period for applying for an M license affected?

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Why is it important to drive with the wrists held low?

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A broken line to the left of a lane means:

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What method should a motorcyclist use to avert a collision?

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What type of helmet offers motorcyclists the best protection?

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What items are received upon registration of a motorcycle?

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On a paved road with two lanes, which part of the road will accumulate a greater amount of sand and gravel?

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