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3 steps to get M1 Motorcycle Licence in Ontario FAST!

Have you ever wanted to ride a motorcycle? Motorcycles are a fun and thrilling way to travel. They offer freedom and flexibility that cars cannot. But before you hit the open road, there are a few things you should know.

How to take that first step? Get your  M1 motorcycle license. So let’s go get it!

The M1 motorcycle license is easier than you think. They’re just three basic steps first, you want to purchase the book. So that would be the official Ministry of Transportation motorcycle handbook, And if you haven’t driven before, maybe you don’t have your G license. You’re also going to need to purchase the book. So the driver’s handbook because you’ll also need to know the rules of the road and the signs. You can also get all this for free right from this website. So you learned the motorcycle handbook You think you know enough, but you’re not really sure. 

So how do you know if you’re ready to write that M1 test? 

Next up, I recommend taking practice tests. You take these practice tests, and you see how you do, you get them wrong? You learn from your mistakes, and you just keep writing the test once you feel confident that you’re getting enough of the answers right, 

You’re all set to write your M1 Licensing Test. So how do you do that?

Well, you may need to call in and book depending on the current environment, or when I did it, you can just walk in. You need to check with your drive test center on that one. 

You’re going to go into a testing room. The motorcycle test will be completed on a computer. You’re going to know right away whether you got the answer right or wrong, and then you just move on to the next question. If you don’t know, you’ll have the option to skip the question. So just skip it, get comfortable answering questions that you already know and then the questions will come back, and then once you’ve answered them all you’ll get your score, and you’ll know whether you passed or failed right away. Keep in mind at the time.

To rewrite your M1 Motorcycle test cost is only $15.

 If you fail, it’s not the end of the world; you can always go back and write it again. I recommend making sure you come to the M1 motorcycle test with enough time to be able to retake the test on the spot, make sure you have enough time, and that the office isn’t closing (they will kick you out). But considering you’ve already done the first two steps, you’ve reviewed the handbooks, done the practical exams, and went in the ACM one test. Congratulations. You now have your M1  license. 

3 steps to get your M1 Licence

  1. Read the book
  2. Use online practice tests until you ace them.
  3. Go to the drive center to take the test, and retake it immediately.

Where do you go from here? 

A few things when you have your M1, you are legally allowed to ride any motorcycle, of course, assuming that it’s been registered and you have insurance. There are some rules to go along with your new M1. You are only allowed to ride during the day. The rule is half an hour before sunrise, until half an hour after sunset. So no night riding. Secondly blood alcohol content has to be zero. Okay, if you have even a sip of beer or any other alcoholic beverage you don’t want to get on that bike, not only will it impact your motorcycle license, but it will also impact any other driver’s license you may have. 

If you have your regular G license to drive a car that will also be impacted if you’re ever charged with having blood alcohol in your blood when you got your M1, you also can’t drive on roads where the speed limit is over 80 kilometers an hour. There are a few exceptions that you can find in your M. T. O. Motorcycle handbook, but generally speaking, if speed limits are over 80 you need to stay off those roads. They’re one of those in my area. So back when I was learning, even though it was the most convenient way home, I couldn’t go on it. Find an alternative route home, if you find yourself coming up to your road where the speed limit is over 80. 

The other thing you need to keep in mind is you’re not allowed to take passengers. Well, that makes sense, you just got your license. The whole idea is you’re learning to ride. You want to learn to ride with just yourself on the motorcycle and get proficient before you even think about taking passengers. 

Finally, before you buy a bike, I know you just got your M1, and you’re just itching to hit the road. It’s tempting for you to want to go out and buy that motorcycle right away, but if you can hold off at the very least call your insurance company and probably a few other ones with the types of motorcycles you want and find out how much it’s going to cost you for insurance.

Important things about your M1

  1. No blood alcohol level.
  2. You cannot take passengers
  3. Stay off roads that are faster than 80km/h
  4. You cannot ride your motorcycle at night

There’s nothing worse than going out there and buying and being all excited about a new motorcycle just to get it home and find out you can’t afford to ride it because the insurance is gonna be too much. 

Secondly, there are a couple of ways you can get your M2. One of those ways that I strongly recommend is taking an M1 exit course, a motorcycle safety course where you’ll get your license at the end of it. 

 When you take that course, the training school generally supplies motorcycles. They may have a few different types, so they may have cruisers, they’ll have some sport motorcycles, dual sports standard motorcycles, call and ask the training school if they have different motorcycles and ask them if you have an opportunity to try a few of them while you’re on the course. In this training school, I was at, they do have a few different motorcycles, and they do encourage the students to try the other motorcycles. 

You might have always had the dream to be on a sports bike, but when you get on the motorcycle of your dreams you find out, “oh man!”, I really prefer that cruiser motorcycle.

They’re much better. Maybe, maybe not. The point is you get an opportunity to try a few motorcycles before you buy one. Another difference between doing the M1  exit course and doing your test drive test center. If you’re testing the drive test center, you’re going to need to have had your M1 for at least 60 days before you can do the test. If you do your M1 exit course with a registered training school that’s licensed to give you a full motorcycle license, You can take that course the day after you get your M1. 

Now, that doesn’t mean that you have your M2 immediately when you pass your test, you still need to wait that 60 days, but you can get all your testing out of the way and have everything done and ready to go find out what it’s gonna cost you for insurance if you do the M1 exit course, so you have a motorcycle safety course or if you were to decide to just go to the drive test center on your own. 

Getting your motorcycle license is easy and only requires a few simple steps. Follow the process outlined in this article, and you’ll be on your way to hitting the open road in no time.


Start QUICK Motorcycle Practice Test

5 Quick Questions! See how you are doing!

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If a motorcyclist misses the correct freeway exit, what should the motorcyclist do?

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What is the minimum depth of the tire tread recommended for motorcycle tires?

3 / 5

What should a motorcyclist do if a large animal is on the road?

4 / 5

What should a motorcyclist do if the motorcycle wheels begin to lock while braking?

5 / 5

When a motorcyclist raises his left arm and points towards the left, with the arm parallel to the ground, what does it signify?