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Beginner Motorcycle Tips Every Pro Knows!

Motorcycles are a fun and freeing way to travel, but they can be dangerous if you don’t know how to ride them properly. Here are some basic tips on riding a motorcycle.

Tip #1: Leg position when you are changing gears on your motorcycle.

So when you’re changing gears, one thing I find helpful is that I’ll actually, in one thing I learned from the riding school that I took is in order to get a better grasp on the bike or better hold, I’ll actually bring my legs in closer to the tank and that kind of like hug brings me closer to my bike and help me hug it for that extra grasp.

 Another reason I do this is that when I switch gears if I hit the throttle too much, I’ll go a little bit too fast and kind of give myself a jerking reaction, which is probably because I’m still new at riding a motorcycle and I’m still getting that proper feel of when I to switch gears. This way even if I do get a bit of a jerking motion when I change gears I still feel like I have control of the motorcycle.I have heard cases where people actually throw themselves off the bike if they don’t have that proper control. 

Tip #2: Bring your motorcycle up to speeds greater than 100km/h

The second tip that I have is, when I am planning on entering a highway or if I know I’m going to be speeding up. Basically anything higher than 100km/h. I find that like I hold onto the handlebar of the motorcycle really tight.

I don’t want to get accidentally thrown off of my bike. In one recent experience, I was going about 100km/h  and I hit a pothole. I’ve never, hit a pothole at that speed before and I actually realized how much it can impact a rider like myself, it threw me up a little bit and I just like held on a bit tighter, just as a word of caution, this can help other people because when you’re driving faster, you know, you want more of a grip than you would in the city when you’re writing slower and for that reason. In case you run over something on the road at such a high speed a little um any sort of impact on your bike can throw you off. So just be very careful and based on the experience.


Tip #3: Caution when going through intersections.

Another tip great tip is when you go through intersections. Slow down! I feel like a lot of other bikers might agree with me on this. The reason is that another thing that I do is when I’m coming close to the intersection, I will actually slow down a bit and give myself time to look both ways, like to look right and left. Obviously not a massive slowdown, but, enough so you can give yourself a chase to take a look around. 

There are so many accidents every single time you look on the news, like how many accents are there at intersections? So you guys play it safe. 

Tip #4: Don’t ever trust other drivers ever. 

When you’re on a bike, you have nothing covering you and they do. Other drivers may take more of a risk to maneuver. Be very careful and, you know, plan your next steps and look ahead to see if there where you are. If you are planning to pass a car at an intersection, just keep in mind that there’s another car that’s coming and they might turn. At that moment that they might not see you and you may collide. Intersections slow down a little bit and give yourself that time to just like a check. Check and if you see a car coming that, you know, will turn slow down. If you think, you think they’re gonna beat you, let them go. It’s not worth a collision. What are you gonna do if you get hit? You know, are you, you’re actually gonna blame them, You know what’s, what’s the point? 

Just watch yourself and don’t trust other drivers. 

Don’t trust that they’re gonna see, you 

Don’t trust that they’re gonna slow down for you.

Tip #5: Ride to your motorcycle to your experience level.

Another important tip is when riding with someone else, they might be at a different level of experience than you. Only do what you feel comfortable doing. If they are comfortable picking up speed rapidly and you haven’t gone through and done a bit of practicing yourself, don’t push yourself beyond your limits. This I a sure way to get yourself into some trouble when you’re riding your motorcycle.

It’s ok if you are not an ace when you are new at riding, that rider you may be riding with has more experience than you do for a reason. They may have been riding longer, or have been put into a similar situation before.

In conclusion, always wear a helmet when riding your motorcycle, obey the speed limit, and be extra cautious at intersections. By following these simple tips, you can help to ensure a safe ride.



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