M1 Motorcycle Practice Test

M1 Practice Test

Motorcycle M1 Practice Test 2

Section 2 Complete Questions

Complete Section 2 Questions – All questions from section 2.

Practicing these M1 questions will make it easier for you to pass the  MTO written test.



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What is the purpose served by the throttle?

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What is the importance of keeping both feet on the footrests while driving?

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Why are motorcyclists advised not to drive in the center lane(s) of roads that have 3 or more lanes?

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How can motorcyclists enhance visibility when approaching an intersection?

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What are the risks posed to motorcyclists by large vehicles?

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When a motorcyclist raises his left arm with the arm bent upward at the elbow, what does it signify?

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A high-speed wobble can be effectively managed by:

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How much following distance should a motorcyclist maintain from other vehicles on the road?

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What must be done when changing gears on a motorcycle?

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If the headlights of the motorcycle do not switch on automatically with the engine, when is it mandatory to switch them on?

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When a vehicle ahead signals to turn left as a motorcyclist nears an intersection, the motorcyclist should:

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Which way should a motorcyclist position the motorcycle when attempting to move out of a parking spot that is parallel to the side of the road?

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Never change lanes without:

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How can motorcyclists communicate with other drivers?

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What is the best way to learn to ride a motorcycle?

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When a motorcyclist raises his left arm and points towards the left, with the arm parallel to the ground, what does it signify?

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Before driving a motorcycle, responsible motorcyclists begin by:

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When driving on a wet road, an abrupt change in direction or speed can result in skidding. Hence motorcyclists should always:

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A broken center line on a roadway indicates that drivers may:

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What is the best way of obtaining a clear view of everything on the road?

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What should motorcyclists do if they need to make a sudden stop on a wet/slippery surface?

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What is the minimum time it takes to obtain a full M license?

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How often should a motorcyclist check the mirrors while driving?

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Why should lane splitting be avoided?

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What is meant by the term “push-steering”, also known as”counter-steering”?

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What should motorcyclists do when a signal light changes from green to amber as they approach an intersection?