M1 Motorcycle Practice Test

M1 Practice Test

Motorcycle M1 Practice Test 4

Section 4 Complete Questions

Complete Section 4 Questions – All questions from section 4.

Practicing these M1 questions will make it easier for you to pass the  MTO written test.



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If a motorcyclist decides to change to the left lane while driving, what should the motorcyclist do before changing lanes?

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What is black ice?

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How does driving over metal gratings, worn out roads or grooved pavement affect the driving of a motorcycle?

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A driver entering a highway via an entrance ramp must:

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A motorcyclist should keep the mirrors positioned in such a way that the motorcyclist can:

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What should motorcyclists take into consideration at railway crossings?

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In a situation where a number of motorcyclists are traveling with each other, in what way should they drive?

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In case a need arises for a motorcyclist to stop the motorcycle while making a turn, the following process should be used:

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A highly skilled motorcyclist has which of the following qualities?

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Besides a properly-equipped motorcycle, what is required for a motorcyclist to tow a trailer?

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What should a motorcyclist do if the motorcycle wheels begin to lock while braking?

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When a motorcyclist is in need of assistance, how should the motorcyclist alert other drivers on the road?

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When entering a freeway, what is the right time to turn on the turn signal?

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If the engine seizes while in use, what should the motorcyclist do?

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If a motorcyclist misses the correct freeway exit, what should the motorcyclist do?

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What is required for a motorcyclist with an M1 license to carry a passenger?

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How often should motorcyclists check mirrors while driving on a freeway?

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How far away from the closest gate or rail should a motorcyclist stop when nearing a railway crossing with a train approaching?

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How should you react if debris or some other flying object hits you?

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If the engine locks or freezes, what should a motorcyclist do?

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What should a motorcyclist do if the throttle becomes stuck while driving?

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What causes wobbling in motorcycles?

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When approaching an intersection where the road is blocked with traffic, a motorcyclist should:

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Unless otherwise posted, the maximum speed limit on 2-lane highways outside of towns, cities, villages or built-up areas is:

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At what level should cargo be kept on a motorcycle?