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Free Practice Test – Section 3 – 10 Motorcycle Questions

Section 3 - 10 Question Quiz

10 Random Questions from the Section 3 - Motorcycle License Test

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A flashing red signal light at an intersection indicates drivers must:

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When a bus enters a road from a bus bay just as a motorcyclist is coming up to the bay, which vehicle has the right-of-way?

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Which of the following tips does not apply to driving in the rain?

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What is the best way of maximizing your safety on the road when a vehicle in front of you is turning left?

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What role is played by good traction when a motorcyclist is driving on slippery surfaces?

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When a motorcyclist is turning left from a passing lane into a passing lane, which tire track position should be adopted?

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A flashing amber traffic light at an intersection indicates drivers must:

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Which part of a wet road is usually the most slippery?

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What is the significance of the lane or blocking position and which is the best position to maintain when driving a motorcycle?

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What tire track or blocking position should a motorcyclist use when turning right in a wide lane?

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